Univision 41 – WXTV, Teaneck, NJ

• Directed 6 PM, 11 PM weekdays, weekend’s newscast, year-round
parades, and live stage musicals

• Designed newscast’s on-air animations, over the shoulders, full screen,
virtual sets for chroma key’s background, and logo design for showcased segments



Telemundo – NBC, WNJU 47, Fort Lee, NJ

• Directed 6 PM, 11 PM weekday and weekend’s newscast, year-round
parades and live stage musicals

• Oversee all aspect of production whether technical in nature, such as
lighting, camera positions, and special effects

• Conducted production values to ensure a first-rate quality such as
studios floor managing, on location shootings, timings during and after the live broadcast

• Extensive experience working in fast-paced and time sensitive

• Produced and written sports’ news segment



Comodo Group Inc., Jersey City, NJ

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• Worked closely with CEO, marketing directors, managers and creative
development team for, Comodo.TV, product landing
pages, and Comodo’s YouTube channel

• Created video content for company’s main website, social media
channels, and other multimedia venues

• Oversee the media team and directed all aspects of video
production, including talent, storyboard, location scouting, crew,
lighting, post-production editing, and visual effects

• Helped conceptualize, script, developed and produced videos from
start to finish, and final web posts

• Designed and prepared all interactive materials for trade shows for
showcasing such as the video presentation and promotional banners

• Set up and maintained post production equipment




Unvision 41 – WXTV, Teaneck, NJ

• Manage production team (4 IBEW ENG Members)

• Manage all Creative Services production requests from sales, news, station promotions, and radio assignments

• Meet with Univision’s sales team for day to day projects

• Meet with upper managers for high importance tasks in sales, stations promotions strategy for planning, and executions

• Originate concepts for stations promotions, sales, and commercials

• Create the scripts for all station promotions, PSA, commercials

• Assign the daily assignments to the production team

• Track and oversee daily stations LOGS (Univision 41 & Unimas NY)

• Design and animate all creatives for Radio Events for Online, and Social media

• Direct, produce, design, script proof on-air promos and overall brand identity for advertising campaigns, events’ coverage, and Univision’s client commercials such as
McDonald’s, Audi, Ford, Dodge, Amtrak, and other private local entities such as lawyers, medical and non-profits organizations

• Work closely with the director of promotions, news director, and in-house partners such as the marketing, digital media, traffic, and sales team to create promotions that tie-in with marketing campaigns, and trends in on-air creative