Creavista Inc.

Spearheads brand positioning, including promotions, digital

marketing, and consumer relations, provides market forecasts and

develops creative marketing content for ensuring maximum brand

awareness and ROI. 


• Develop digital marketing campaigns across different markets to

increase revenue, leads, and brand awareness.


• Ensure appropriate creative strategies, the accuracy of input,

schedules, budgets, production support, and presentations.


• Analyze, design, and develops prolific campaigns and required

materials for web and print.


• Develop marketing plans through campaign outcome evaluation

to identify possible expansion opportunities.


• Effectively conducted lead generation email marketing




Univision 41 – WXTV, Teaneck, NJ

• Directed 6 PM, 11 PM weekdays, weekend’s newscast, year-round
parades, and live stage musicals

• Designed newscast’s on-air animations, over the shoulders, full screen,
virtual sets for chroma key’s background, and logo design for showcased segments



Telemundo – NBC, WNJU 47, Fort Lee, NJ

• Directed 6 PM, 11 PM weekday and weekend’s newscast, year-round
parades and live stage musicals

• Oversee all aspect of production whether technical in nature, such as
lighting, camera positions, and special effects

• Conducted production values to ensure a first-rate quality such as
studios floor managing, on location shootings, timings during and after the live broadcast

• Extensive experience working in fast-paced and time sensitive

• Produced and written sports’ news segment



Comodo Group Inc., Jersey City, NJ

• Comodo, The leading SSL Provider offers Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Firewall, Endpoint Security, and other PC Security software for Windows and all OS

• Worked closely with CEO, marketing directors, managers and creative
development team for, Comodo.TV, product landing
pages, and Comodo’s YouTube channel

• Created video content for company’s main website, social media
channels, and other multimedia venues

• Oversee the media team and directed all aspects of video
production, including talent, storyboard, location scouting, crew,
lighting, post-production editing, and visual effects

• Helped conceptualize, script, developed and produced videos from
start to finish, and final web posts

• Designed and prepared all interactive materials for trade shows for
showcasing such as the video presentation and promotional banners

• Set up and maintained post production equipment




Unvision 41 – WXTV, Teaneck, NJ

Formulated brand marketing strategies, conceived unique brand

experience, and oversaw the execution of effective marketing and

advertising campaigns for broadcast, digital, and media outlines.


• Created and over-sought branding consistency on all creative outputs.


• Directed, produced, designed, animated, written, script proofed on-air

promos, and overall brand identity for promotional campaigns.


• Directed TV commercials for McDonald’s, Audi, Ford, Dodge, Amtrak,

and other private entities such as lawyers and non-profit organizations.


• Collaborated with the promotions, news director, and in-house partners

such as marketing, digital media, radio, traffic, and sales teams to create

advertisements, commercials, and on-air creative executions.


• Supervised the promotions team, including the editors, producers,

cameraman, and on-air talents.


• Worked on post-production video editing and motion graphics design

and functioned as an on-call news camera director at 5 AM, 6 PM, 11 PM

weekday and weekend’s live newscast.