UniTecnología it’s a segment that highlights the latest in technology in Online Security,

Mobile Apps & Gadgets and introduces it to the audience in a common language easy to understand.

The main goal is to create awareness of the technology and teaches the viewers how to adapt it daily

to their lives.


UniTecnología – Highlights

  • News: Innovation, Viral, Safety & Hazard

  • Tech Product/Apps Reviews: Trends, Productivity, Traveling

  • Health: Monitor Workouts & Diet

  • Social: Entertainment Art, Music, Crafts, Events, & Love Match

  • Employment: LinkedIn Profiles (Strategy Tips), Indeed.com

  • Internet Security: Safe Shopping, Scams Prevention Tips, SAVINGS, Cautions of FREE WIFI

  • Home Security: Nanny Security Cams, Detectors, Preventions Tips, Smart Bulbs

  • Fashion: Trends, Shopping

  • Beauty: Makeup, DIY, How to

  • Education: Kids Learning Apps, Parents Tools, Languages, Translation

  • Creative: Photography, Fine Arts, Video Production & Music

  • Finance: Managing Apps, SAVINGS, Retirement & Investment

  • Proactive Errands Apps: Scheduling, Reminders

  • Transportation: Best Airlines SAVINGS, Getaways, Local Access, NYC Parking

  • Construction: DYI App, How to

By: Fernando Garcia    I    Fergarcia@Univision.net    I   212-321-0579



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