Beyond the Frame: Fernando Garcia’s Decade-Long Dance with Creativity

Accomplished Emmy Award-winning television camera director and senior promotions producer with a diverse skill set encompassing motion graphic design, editing, videography, photography, lighting, and print/web design within the realms of advertising design, marketing communication, and social media creative content.

• Over two decades of rich experience in creating compelling content for television broadcasting, live newscast productions, station promotions, creative services, webcasting productions, and advertising design.

• Demonstrated expertise in multimedia design, steering the direction of television productions ranging from live newscast coverage and talk shows to parades, musical performances, television special programs, live event cut-ins, and commercials.

His Journey…

Fernando Garcia, a native of the United States, embarked on his journey in fine art and visual communications at an early age. His educational foundation was laid at the High School of Art and Design in New York City, where he delved into advertising design and fine arts. Post-school, Fernando further honed his skills through after-school workshops at the prestigious Art Students League, garnering recognition in a city-wide art contest in 1995.

During his high school years, Fernando’s talents led him to a two-year internship at Ruder-Finn PR in NYC and a side gig as an illustrator for the local publication, New Youth Connections. His pursuit of excellence continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology State University, where his passion and skills matured in advertising design and visual communication.

In 1998, during his sophomore year, Fernando embarked on a dynamic career in the broadcasting industry as a graphic designer and animator for Univision Noticias 41, a prominent NYC-Tristate area newscast. Within a year, he evolved into one of the youngest Latino newscast directors at the age of 19, earning accolades like the Edward Murrow Award for outstanding news coverage in 2000, particularly during “La Tormenta del Milenio.”

The events of September 11, 2001, highlighted Fernando’s crucial role as a video journalist and communicator, emphasizing the significance of keeping the audience informed during challenging times.

In 2002, Fernando joined NBC/Telemundo 47 as a new DGA member and television director, contributing to various shows and live events. Despite facing a job loss during the 2007 economic downturn, Fernando embraced freelancing and diversified his skill set, venturing into photography, web design, and online-social media advertising.

In 2009, alongside his brother Felix Garcia, he co-founded Creavista Media Group LLC, aiming to showcase brands, produce independent productions, and offer creative services. His return to TelevisaUnivision in 2012 as the Sr. Producer/Director of Creative Services resulted in numerous accolades, including the NY Emmy® Award and NY Broadcasting Association recognition for his work with global corporations.

In 2019, Fernando founded Creavista, Inc., an advertising and creative agency serving national and worldwide corporations. Amid the pandemic in 2020, he launched, an online web design business solutions platform.

His Life Mission…

“It is an overwhelming fulfillment to pass on what I’ve learned to the new young minds and allow them to embrace the gifts and talents given by our God, Heavenly Father”.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Fernando is dedicated to empowering the next generation as a high school art teacher at Eastern Christian High School. He passionately combines his teaching mission with his commitment to modern creative services, emphasizing the importance of visual communication in celebrating creativity.

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